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Name: Minnie Wright / Epoch
Age: 15
Species: Meta Human

Powers/Abilities: Time Manipulation: Ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it. She has minor powers over manipulating time. Slowing people or speeding them up by manipulating the time around a person. Though she can only do it within a short minute range, because she's still learning. She has to concentrate on the time around a person, and the person is fully aware that it's happening unless they are paused. She can even pause someone and move them before making them go again. She can freeze time in a room for a few minutes. She finds it easier to manipulate time around a person though. If she concentrates on an item, like say a carton of spoiled milk. She could rewind its age up to a few days to drink it now fresh again, but it would take a few minutes and the amount of milk would not change. Her stamina is still building so she either gets exhausted, or she starts having headache when pushing to far/hard with her powers. Physically she is average in every way so if you get her cornered in a fight with her powers on low, she's easy to beat. She knows how to pick locks and get around.

General: Minnie is 5'6' with long brown hair that comes to the middle of her back, usually with a fabric headband to keep it out of her face. She has dark green eyes and freckles on her cheeks and nose. Her skin is slightly tanned with freckles on her shoulders.
Civi: She wears two kinds of watches One being the classic black strapped numbered watch, and a grey digital watch She wears a long sleeved grey jacket with a spaghetti strapped black tank top underneath with darker grey pants.
Costume: She has a black cape that is clips in the front with working clock with no numbers just dash marks. She wears a grey short sleeved shirt with a black vest and black pants. A thick black banded bracelet on her left wrist with a classic numbered clock and a digital clock display side by side. (Similar position to the ones she uses during the day) And regular old black running shoes.
Personality: Laid Back: For a girl who uses time powers, she tries not to fret over every detail. A bit mischievous: She does enjoy teasing and messing around with people using her powers. Curious: Her curiosity with either her powers, some strange goings on, or even heroes can cause her to get into some stupid stuff.

History: Minnie's Mother Joanne was a teen who fooled around with any guy she could get in her pants. Although one night she made a mistake falling for one of these men. They started a real relationship and pretty soon had sex in the heat of the moment without any protection. Not long after that Joanne found out she was pregnant. But once Joanne told her boyfriend the good news he freaked out, he explained that he was a Meta human just taking a break in the city from crime fighting. He really hadn't intended the relationship to get this far and soon left a young Joanne with a Meta baby.

Joanne had Minnie and lived with her parents until she was 5 due to Joanne's start of substance abuse with heroin a way to cope with her loss of her beloved boyfriend. They threatened to take her daughter away and she ran off with her, moving to another place living in a sleazy part of new town, where she could easily get drugs. Joanne got a few boyfriends after that who provided drugs and support with Minnie until she was 8. The mother swore of men after one tried to molest her daughter, but it didn't stop her heroin addiction.

Minnie had learned to start taking care of herself while her mother had the night shift at work, so she could be high all day. Minnie having no other family and not remembering where her grandparents lived continued to help take care of her mom despite the abuse that she received. Hiding it with makeup when she went to school. But at 13 she gave up on her mother... Minnie tried to talk her mom out of this addiction and was rewarded by being pinned down by her mother and given her own dose. Her mother claimed it was to show her how it made her feel normal again. But when Minnie came out of her drug induced stupor was determined to leave this life behind. She packed some important things like her father's pocket watch (The only thing that makes he know he existed), and the whole wad of her mother's drug money. She moved to Happy Harbor hoping it would be just as Happy as she wanted to be.

Minnie knew very well that her father wasn't normal as she had been given the gift of time manipulation, but she barely used it nor knew how to fine tune it. She had only really used it when she was cooking or to fix the food in the fridge. But lonely and with her money dwindling it was time to use it for self-preservation. She started to steal things like food at first, then money, and then finally started to steal things she could sell for more. Minnie's powers limited her number of successful heists so she's just getting by right now, living in a one room apartment. She hopes to get better and buy herself a nice small house or at least a better apartment for herself. She's just glad that there are heroes who keep things interesting.
Urged by my friend :iconlalalasasunarulalala: I watched and made a new oc for her group :iconmountjustice:

BTW Epoch is a measure of time, the opposite of Era.

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